Bee Friendly Day- schedule of events

Schedules for the Busy Bees, on Bee Friendly day at Crossroads Farm at Grossmann’s

For Families:

1 pm and 3 pm:

The Buzz on the Bees from Beekeeper Bruce Travins

  • Inside the hive, the home of the Bees.
  • Walk through the farm to the hives and see the bees in action
  • How to keep our bee friends healthy and happy

1:30 and 3:30 pm : “Bee” Up to Date with the Latest!

A biologist, Dr. George K. Russell talks about the science behind the dire situation of the honeybee and the importance of organic farming and gardens. For teens and adults.

2pm: Create a Bee Garden (Talk to Marilyn Cranin- Horticulturist)

For Children:

1:15 pm: Storytelling and reading about the bees for little bees with Adelphi education students. Find the blanket!

1:15 pm: The Pollination Experiment (Mary Jean)

Pollination Experiment for children up to 5th grade.

  • Each student will be given a brown paper bag with a flower on it and Cheetos inside.
  • You will go around and take one Cheeto out of each classmate’s bag and eat the Cheeto.  You WILL NOT be allowed to wipe or lick your fingers until we are done.
  • As you move from bag to bag, you will be collecting “pollen” from each “flower”.
  • Once you have eaten out of everyone’s bag, then you will go find a bag and wipe your fingers all over the flower.

Through this lesson, you will learn the pollination process.  Bees move from flower to flower collecting more pollen as they move along

2 pm: Dance the Bee Dance: See how the bees communicate. For children up to 3rd grade. (Leonore)

  • Involves role-play as honeybees from different hives.
  • Set up “target” flowers in different locations on the grounds.
  • Challenges teams to find the correct flower by conveying information using movement like the honeybees and their “Waggle Dance.”
  • Worker bees could mime or dance to the rest of their team to include information on distance, direction, and type of flower (NO Talking!).


2:15pm: Art Activities

Bees Wax Modeling (Annie Sunshine)

Learn about the bees up close and personal. Everyone will make a bee with all the necessary parts, as well as a hexagon bee cell, out of real bee’s wax.

Make a Mural (Nancy Schneider)